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Auto body repairs and more

Auto body repair

If your car has sustained damages, our team at Log Cabin Tire can help. Since 1960, we've helped auto owners repair and restore their investment. We can get your car looking great again with our innovative techniques. We're happy to explain the process to you — give us a call today!

Service you can count on

• Team with decades of experience

• Service is guaranteed

• AC service

• Certified and authorized professionals

• Insured and bonded for your protection

• Comprehensive car services for one-stop car care

• Our company is owned locally

• Serving all of Westmoreland County

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Good car care to save money

Keeping up with maintenance and ensuring your car has great working brakes and tires is important to your safety and the long term performance of your car. Good maintenance services save you money.

Get trustworthy service from a reliable team.

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Browse our site to learn more about our services. We provide tire and brake services, and we also can take care of your regular maintenance needs like an oil change and a tune-up.